Tourism and hospitality accounting, like the industry – is complex and dynamic. With ever-changing customer demands and challenges from the local (and sometimes international) economic environment, operators in this sector need to be focused on their businesses and this is where Ryan Thomas & Co’s experience and insight will be of great benefit your business.

Industry Challenges

Our tourism and hospitality accounting clients are drawn from a large range of businesses – from stand-alone restaurants, cafes, bars and retail outlets to accommodation providers such as motels and lodges. We understand that seasonality (whilst reasonably predictable) means you need strong cash-flow management strategies in place to help you through the leaner months. The ebb and flow of tourists can also be a minefield – often directly affected by the weather but also by international health, terrorism and other such scares. These can also play havoc with cash-flow, making robust financial planning vital to the ongoing success of your business.

At Ryan, Thomas & Co we will take the time to get alongside you, to intimately understand your business and help develop your short, medium and long term strategic direction. We can also assist with developing growth and exit plans, obtaining finance and overseeing business acquisition and sales transactions. The benefit of this activity is an improvement in your business’s performance, assistance in reducing risk and help to increase your after-tax profits.

We will thoroughly review your structure to ensure it is the best for you. Even if you have been operating for a while and have the basics right – your business will be growing over time and you may ultimately require more in-depth accounting advice.

Naturally we can also help you to manage the usual tourism and hospitality accounting and tax obligations such as GST, PAYE, ACC, Kiwisaver, Student Loans.