If you are just in the throes of starting a shearing run or you are an established contractor and already have shearing runs up and going and you need specialist advice for your business – we have experience at managing the challenges that shearing contractors face.

We will be able to assist you find the answer to the most important question – and that is: What is the best way to structure your business to minimise administration and maximise your bottom line?

Working capital and cash flow are important for shearing contractors. Critical to your success (and whether you are interested or not) will be your ability to manage wages, PAYE, GST, ACC, Exemption Status, and Provisional Tax obligations. This is where Ryan, Thomas & Co can assist with our valuable expertise.

We understand and appreciate how important it is that you plan for the shearing season ahead and how you will need to manage your business affairs throughout the season. We will find the best plan moving forward to minimise your income tax obligations, as well as finding a business solution that fits in with your very specific needs.