Start-up businesses

Start-ups can take many forms: Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or Trusts. Early decisions on objectives and company structure will be of great benefit, enabling you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.


General business finances

We can help you to implement systems and controls that will ensure your business runs more smoothly and profitably. We can also help you to find sources of finance and help you in preparing funding applications.

Tax services Taihape

Tax services

We like to be involved with your business through the year, so we can help structure your finances in a tax-efficient way. Tax planning is advantageous as once the financial year is over it is difficult to then make administrative savings.


Accounting and book-keeping

Many start-up businesses like to maintain their own accounting records in their early days. This can be beneficial as it may help you understand the financial heart of your business. However, if you require help or need to focus on profitability, we can provide accounting, PAYE, GST and administrative assistance. We can also advise on accounting software options.


Buying, selling and investments

We can help you implement systems and controls to ensure that your business runs more smoothly and profitably. We can also help to find sources of finance and prepare funding applications.

We may be able to provide financial advice on investments or if not are able to recommend a specialist advisor.


Succession planning, family rearrangements

We can help with succession planning for businesses changeovers or family rearrangements. Whether you need assistance due to the sudden exit of a key member of the family or business, or want to plan ahead for a smooth, progressive transition, we are able to provide a careful and considered approach to suit your requirements.