forestry-accountingRyan, Thomas & Co has experience in all areas of the forestry industry – from planting, growing, and harvesting, through to Carbon Credit administration and advice.

Forestry investors usually do not receive income from their investment until they receive their share of the final harvest. The life-cycle of a forest means that these are generally long-term investments, and require careful planning around costs until final pay-out being up to 35 years after planting.

Supply Chain

The forestry industry supply chain has obvious participants from planners through to contractors delivering the product to end users. It also involves a range of stakeholders including the general public and a host of planning and regulatory participants with huge potential to impact the process, even though they are not directly involved. The challenge is bringing all the participants together to work in synergy to get the most productive result possible.

As a forest owner, the profitability of the forest is driven by productivity, efficiency and value at harvest.

These factors can be maximised if there is careful planning and organisation from the outset. Each forest has its own set of unique requirements in terms of harvesting and roading specifications. This is where Ryan, Thomas & Co can bring experience and industry-specific knowledge regarding the set-up of forestry ownership and the ability to provide ongoing accounting and management direction.

We can assist in completing the accounting requirements as well as providing expert advice to ensure your business makes fully-informed financial decisions.

Our Expertise and Partnerships

We have contacts with several forestry consultants and are involved with clients in managing their carbon credits and exposures to future carbon credit liability. We also have significant expertise working with support industries such as logging and transportation. Our client base extends to syndicated forest partnerships as well as involvement in the formulation and application of strategy around carbon credits.