It’s hard enough being good at what you do and we understand that contractors and freelancers are busy people, juggling lots of work at a time. Our services are designed to provide you with exactly what you need so you can get on with the business of fulfilling your contracts and keeping your customers happy.

Tax Obligations

We often find that contractors are completely unprepared for tax obligations, such as GST, PAYE, ACC, Kiwisaver, Student Loans etc. Contractors may not even be aware of some of the ways they can structure their business and costs that could make a real difference to their bottom line result. Even if the basics are right it is important to remember that your business will be growing over time and you will ultimately need better and more in-depth accounting advice.

Business Structure

That’s where Ryan, Thomas & Co comes in. We thoroughly review your structure to make sure it is right, especially with clients that are just getting started. Time spent at the beginning of the business means you will start off on the right foot and save time later if things are not structured right. We can advise on the many questions you need to resolve such as:

  • Is it better to have a company, sole trader or to operate as a trading trust?
  • Who should own the shares?
  • Should it be owned individually, or collectively?
  • How would that affect other obligations such as working for families, child support, ACC and retirement?

The huge benefit of early planning, business structuring and what you plan to do with your business in the future means that we will help you minimise – legally and to the greatest extent possible – your income tax obligations, at the same time as finding a business solution that fits in with your way of operating.